Sunday, January 3, 2010

Christmas Layouts

Heres some 8x8 LO's i have done to put into my 8x8 christmas album my lovely cousin gave me for christmas

I'm back - again

I know its been awhile, but i just have not been motivated to do much since losing my darling older brother at the beginning of December, it has been so hard to think he will not be there anymore, he was a very special person and he will be missed very much by my boys and everyone he touched, and he touched the hearts of everyone he met, each day it seems like it will only get worse, but it is slowly getting better, i don't cry as much anymore, but i am constantly thinking of him and what he would think of his nephews, he just loved being an Uncle, now he is their Angel Uncle watching over them and keeping them safe.

Heres a pic of him and my mum i used for a canvas recently, it was a very difficult thing to do, i laughed and cried doing this and was more anal than usual when it came to where everything went, i gave it to mum for Christmas.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Yes i know - shock horror 3 posts in one day.......but i really wanted to let everyone know i am having a crop/craft night fundraiser at the kids school tomorrow night, so if anyone who is local to me is interested in coming along, let me know and i will email you all the details, it would be great to see as many people there as possible, creating with friends is always lots of fun, and i am bringing some cowboys with me too, so even better for merry making!
And theres more - a LO and some decorations the kids made for the cybercrop kids challenge

Thought i would just show off some of my latest creations, they were all challenges in last weeks CC at LSBS. Lots of fab gift ideas, if you want templates and instructions, head over to and check out November Cybercrop in the forum.

Monday, November 16, 2009

OMG - i can't believe its been 12 months since my last post on my blog - well actually i can, its so easy to get busy doing other stuff that blogging becomes the last thing i want to do.

Its starting to look alot like Christmas around here at the moment with lots of creations for the LSBS Cybercrop this weekend - finishing tomorrow night at midnight, and i have lots more creating to do before then, if you get a chance pop on over and check out the challenges - there's a whopping 8 to choose from - thats just huge!

Not much has changed in the last 12 months, the kids still drive me crazy, my hubby definately drives me even crazier and i am still creating every chance i get, in between driving up the coast to visit my mum who moved up there a few months back with my brothers and 2 nephews.

I will have to go searching for some updated pics of my kiddies to share, they have grown so much, as kids will do, i can't believe that in just a few short months Stirling will be in year 4 and Flynn will be finished kindy and into year 1 - WOW! Rowen will stay home for another year with me before starting school in 2011 and then it will be just me and Angus, anyway, my dear husband has just come home and i now need to help Stirling with his school project - tomorrow i will find some new pics of the kids to share -

Until then

Cheers Jenni

Monday, November 10, 2008

My Booby Album

A few weeks ago some friends and I attended a Girls Night In to raise money for breast cancer research, we had an absolute ball thanks very much to Gill and Karyn who organised the event, we had great prizes and a fab shop from LSBS as well as the best company to get creative with.
I want to share the album i made with some photos taken on the night, i am really happy with how it turned out and it was sooooooo nice to scrap with pink for a change!

I have a few other things i need to photograph and upload, but my camera has been playing up a bit lately so i have been using J2's (Joanne - my bestie) camera.
You'll notice i have created a link to some funny Catherine Tate you tube videos, this chick is so hilarious, i just coudn't resist sharing, i hope you can be "bovered" to take a look, you will PYSL!
Until next time
Love Jenni